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Balance amount wiped off from OLA account, no customer support

As of 1pm, 30Nov2017, my ola account had a balance of Rs 4643/- of which Rs. 2126/- was utilised leaving a balance of Rs. 2517/-

Subsequently during the process of taking the ride, my account was wiped out – all the settings and was left with no history, no favorites, no balance, nothing. Effectively I ceased to exist as an ola customer within an hour of making the booking.

But I got a debit SMS of Rs. 137 on completion of the last ride taken at about 3:20pm.

That meant I had a balance of Rs. 2380/- after the last ride but I cannot access the account and the money is lost inspite of the KYC protect being accorded to the OLA money account.

The OLA support team refuses to acknowledge this loss of mine saying that I am responsible for my loss and have arbitrarily closed the issue!

I believe the account has been siphoned off by unscrupulous elements within the system.

Usha P
Bangalore 560066, Karnataka

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