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Cable operator not providing bill and proper service

I have been facing cable mafia problem in our area. The condition is too serious as the local cable operator are not providing bills against services and not providing continuous cable services. They don’t even pick up the phone calls and receives the complaints against discontinued and disconnected services. We feel like we are living in a mafia era , we can’t switch our cable operator as according to our need, facilities because the local cable operator have already tied up together not to provide cable services to the customer of other operators and not even this they disconnect the cable services if we request to switch the cable operator. They don’t even provide any receipt against the cash given to them and accept any other payment mode like cheque, neft ,rtgs or any other electronic money transfer mode etc. We don’t have any proof of payment . We can not even file a FIR against them as they denies that they are not providing the service to the customer who is complaining. We don’t have any other option to except to continue with them. I have been especially facing this problem for last 4 years. Please do something about that.

Tilak Raj
Roshanara road, New Delhi 110007

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