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Complaint against fraud data entry job

On 6.03.2020 I received a message on WhatsApp for job offer. They asked for my adharcard and signature tu register myself with that company and sent me an agreement which stated that I have to type 10000 captchas for INR 30000 (3 rs per captchas) with 100% accuracy. The app was not working properly so I decided to call them but they never responded effectively. Later I got a call stating that I need to pay rs 6900 as stated in agreement or else they will take a legal action. I didnt told my parents about it and kept on requesting them. They said that if I pay 6900 they will close my agreement and I don’t owe any money to them. I agreed and paid rs 6900 from my savings. On the other day they told ne the agreement is for 11 months so I have to pay 15000 to close it completely or else I will have to pay rs 6900 every month or 69000 at once. Then I found on google the this company was fraud so I filed a complaint against them in consumer complaint court site. They stopped calling and messaging me or mailing me. Today on 5.08.2020 they sent me email asking me to pay 58500. I again filed case on same site as earlier. They asked me to pay around 20000 But I kept on requesting that I don’t any money to pay them. Later the consumer court employee said that due to lockdown they didn’t tried to contact me but now If I don’t pay any money then I would have to present myself in court.I found this site on YouTube video so I decided to file the complaint again. I don’t want any legal notice to come at my doorstep although fake. I am a student and mentally disturb because of them. Please help me out

Dombivli 421201, Maharashtra

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