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Complaint regarding AF Home Appliances customer service

We ordered a Washing Machine on 4/12 from a dealer named AF Metro Home Appliances situated in Bangalore.
Samsung washing machine | 6.2 kg

The company guaranteed 3 year warrantee on the product. Using for 5 days it turned out that the washing machine had a damaged motherboard due to which it stopped functioning and we called them to register a complaint for it and get it repaired asap.
The person sent a technician to check the product who showed up after 3 whole weeks. The guy said that the motherboard was damaged and took it along with him.
Now calling them repeatedly day after day, requesting them to provide their promised service.. the person kept postponing it all over again and later even stopped responding to calls.
We assumed that since it was Ramzan season, the person might not be available to provide any suitable resolution. So we waited patiently and called him a day after Eid.
We have still kept hearing answers and excuses like-
“I will be there on Saturday”
“I will be there on Wednesday”
“I will be there at 6 PM”
“I will be there in 2 hours”
“Sir, can you hear the traffic noise, I will be there in 45 minutes, by the maps”
“Sir, I am not your person, I am his brother.. Yes people say we have same voice..” .. and started laughing !!

Every single day, they would come up with something absolutely new. Hats off to their creativity. I have no clue with how many customers like us he is fooling around on a daily.. HOURLY basis!!
They are merely a bunch of cheaters, all they care is to just sell the product. After sales if the product gets damaged, they don’t give a damn. That’s because they already sold you the damaged product. Horrible experience. They simply deliver damaged product with fake assurance of warranty.

But we still keep calling them hoping at least one day we would be serviced or they would return the motherboard that they took away.

Today, 7/1/2018, he says- “Come to the shop and talk, warna agar main waha aa gaya toh bhot bura hoga”
They can now simply threaten anybody like that!!

Jivesh Threja
Bangalore 560087, Karnataka

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