Complaint regarding claim rejection by FHPL
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Complaint regarding claim rejection by FHPL

Have taken a family policy from office. which shows cashless claims. 10 days before my father in law was diagnosed with liver cancer and was admitted to the hospital. we have used my brother-in-law insurance for the treatments. As he admitted my father-in-law as we where out of town. As he got diagnosed he was under treatment and he was unwell again so we admitted him to the hospital again for the treatment as he had a lump growing on his back. due to the ongoing treatment for cancer.. they cannot put him on more treatment . while he was at the hospital they investigate and found out that the lump growing is also a cancer. as the hospital dint had pet scan and as he was already on medication for liver cancer and as they was improvement we discharged him as he was gettimg mentally ill and doctor advised as the liver cancer was more serious at the given time . we would do pet scan after couple days and will do biopsy for the lump again to start the treatment . as he is already on treatment mutiple medication can worsen his health . so we discharged him and claimed for cashless fhpl rejected the claim stating its an investigation and the treatment has not been started.
we informed the same to the doctor who is an oncology specialist along with multiple other doctors who where overseeing his case . they told the claim rejection preposterous as we had 4 to 5 doctors treating him . so our doctor spoke to the insurance agent and the doctor who rejected the claim .. who supposedly is bds doctor rejecting claims for an oncology patient telling that if he not treated we cannot accept the claim in cashless. even after the oncology doctor explaining due to complications and the existing treatment.

Udupi 576105, Karnataka

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