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Complaint regarding demands on IndusInd credit card account

Year 2007, I got Deutsche bank Credit Card and used it first two months and never got statements for first three months, however I had the bills and made payment in excess than my purchase. I had complained to the bank that there is no statements being sent and will stop using the card.
The payment made was after due date, which I was unaware the bankers started calling and harassing and sometimes 30 calls a day in the year 2007, after repeated complaints and arguments the calls stopped and I tried to reach the legal team and there were no response. The card was also blocked.

In the year 2011, IndusInd Bank took over the Deutsche bank and they revoked the card and started adding up interest, late payment and service charges. Since, I did not have IndusInd card, I ignored to check the details. Lately when I tried to check my credit score being low and after my research on the credit, I learnt that IndusInd bank fraudulent activity on my account. This bank acknowledges that I have made excess payment, however since the payment was delayed they are demanding 2 lakhs. The bank has manipulated the due dates and never sent statements, one month the due date is on 10th and another month it is on 7th and without statements I still made prompt payment. Also the fact that I made payment via cheque the delay was for clearing the cheques as there were only 3 ATMs in Bangalore in the year 2007.

I have escalated to the bank head of credit, however they took 5 weeks to give me the purchase and payment breakups and till date they have not given me the statements of the months which we are disputing. Instead they have manipulated and sent a statement which is not of Deutsche bank.

Now they are asking me to settle for 38K so that they can change the status in CIBIL. We had 50+ email interactions, the bankers are just manipulating a lot of information and wasting time.

I want this bank to pay for my losses and huge compensation for falsely framing and defaming a honest consumer. It is shame such banks exist in our country to loot the common public.

Sudarshan S
HBR Layout, Bangalore 560043, Karnataka

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