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Complaint regarding excess charge by Uber

I was in Delhi for a couple of days. I booked a cab on 20th May around 8.00 AM. The cab got booked from Govind puri to Terminal 3 as my flight was on time 11.10 AM. I understand there is congession in Delhi Airport, hence booked my flight long before. I reached airport before or around 9.00 AM after starting from 8.20 AM from Govind puri. The driver didn’t spoke to me neither told me about any changes. In between as well I did not touch my phone for any changes just shared the ride with my friend for a safe trip. After the cab reached the airport. I asked the driver, that I have paid through Paytm, did he receive it…He said yes. Because I didn’t get any notification. It was long after 20-30 mins when I reached the check in counter after passing through a queue where I received a message that 692 Rs have been deducted from my paytm wallet. Since it was important for me to leave delhi I did not do much about it since I had to board the flight but as soon as reaching ranchi I reported the same on their app. But they are not ready to accept their mistake. They straightforward say that I have changed the location, where I haven’t. I have a proof of boarding my flight…Why would I change the destination. I have proof. I have the chats with uber which I can provide. Please help me.

Sonal Priyadarshini
Doranda, Ranchi -834002

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