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Complaint regarding Ford Aspire performance

Ford aspire titantium On 4- Sep-17, i purchased a ford aspire car from Kolkata Saini Ford salt lake kolkata. Within 3 months of usage my car got stalled in middle of the highway kolkata to kharagpur at night and not starting at all. Later, we toe the car with another vehicle to brought location. I went to service center and asked them inspect the issue. Later, they delivered me stating the issue has been resolved you can take the delivery. again within few days same problem arises i again went to service center and advised them to inspect completly. They kept my vehicle for more than 15 days and deliver me stating that there are Crank shawft issue and CKB sensor issue and EGR faulty. It has been replaced, there should not be any problem. Later one month again the same issue arises and now it is with Service center and they are working based in ford india techinal team direction. Now, they have replace PCM and some wire controller. Stating the problem has been fully repaired you can take the delivery. But, now, i have requested the Ford India team to give me in writing that this will problem will not arise again if it so then you need to replace with new car. But they denied give this in writing but rather they giving a offer of extended warranty for 2 yrs which i already have. I have not taken the delivery of my vehicle until i have the confirmation from Ford India. Need a resolution from Ford india before i file the consumer case in Court.

Amit Garg
Kharagpur 721301, West Bengal

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