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Complaint regarding fraud data entry job

I received a message from quikr regarding a data entry job and I message to the number. I spoke to this person name is called Axxxu and he gave me all the details for a company. After that, I decided to pay registration fee 900 and he sent project work then I am asking query to that person he won’t response then I continuously calling him no response or text from him. After he calls me to continue that work and he said mam my Whatsapp has been blocked. I don’t believe him the reason I am not interested to do work and I said kindly repay the amount and he said to wait until 45 days then only we repay the amount still I won’t belive his words because he won’t respond but he saw all the message I have been sent. After that, I will message to that person like ok I am working on your project but u have to response my query I need my money try to understand my situation like that I am saying to that person. Also, before starting my work I am asking hereafter you will ask any extra amount for that job because I don’t have any extra amount to pay the job let confirm than only I will start the project like that I am said. That person replies no we won’t ask u to pay any extra amount only registration fee u have to paid and that fee will be added to your first project salary. I have done my work properly again I will message to that person called Anju he won’t response very long term and then he sends another number that person name is Ashok Pradhan from the quality check department. Later I contact to that person Ashok Pradhan he sends message u will pay quality check amount 3000. Sir, now I am very confused I have type 20000 words to that project I lost my money time and effort etc. Take any action to repay the registration fee 900 plus my project salary 8400 Rs as they said total amount is 9300 because due to coronavirus we are severely affected understand my situation kindly do the needful.

Ranjani C



    • Sneha on 05/07/2020 at 5:00 pm

    Sir i am sneha few days before I got a call from kamara techno company of Gujrat for data entry job they said all the terms nd conditions to mi nd also signed one agreement from me which was containing that you have to fill total 800 form out of which if u done 720 Or above forms correct then will pay u 40 rs per form and if below 720 are correct then u have to pay us 6000 rs. After the completion of work they generated QC report in which they shown that ur 583 forms are correct so according to agreement u need to pay otherwise case will be done on u. Plz help mi sir

    • ICF on 05/07/2020 at 8:41 pm

    Do not pay any money to them.

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