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Complaint regarding I-on internet service

I have a broadband connection with i-on ssv (Dvois internet) at above mentioned address. My internet is off since last week. I have made several complaints and sent couple of emails and have tweeted about it as well. The local person called me on Monday and told me that the person who gives power supply to the switch has turned it off and when I asked them for solution then he said that I will have to install some device at my home for which I will have to pay Rs. 500 as refundable advance. When I denied to pay anything, he said they won’t help me unless I don’t pay Rs. 500 and install the device.
I am a part time freelance software developer and I need continuous internet access for it. Due to this issue my two projects have already been delayed. And I am about to loose Rs. 25000. I have suffered through a lot of frustration as well. I want to file a compensation complaint for Rs. 25000 against i-on ssv (Dvois internet) and I want to discontinue my services and want my money back to stop further torture.

I also want to raise complaints against the local area manager as they did not solved any of my issues.

Chetan Ashtivkar
Ghatkopar west, Mumbai 400084, Maharashtra

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