Complaint regarding O General AC cooliing issue
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Complaint regarding O General AC cooliing issue

We have purchased an AC O General 1.5 TR 3* Inverter on 19th April 2022.

After installation on 23 April 2022, there is an AC Cooling problem. Several visit has been made, problems identified, however, cooling problem still remains. For ease of reference date wise activities mentioned below:

19-04-2022 Purchase of AC from Rio Airconditioning Corporation.
23-04-2022 AC was installed by Rio Airconditioning Corporation
23-04-2022 Complain was lodged with Rio that AC is not cooling
25-04-2022 Technician of Rio Airconditioning Corporation visited & identified that there is cooling problem with grill temperature of approx. 20 degree and no feeling of cooling in the room
27-04-2022 Technician from O General visited and reported that cooling problem is there and reported grill temperature of 20 degree. Further he reported that Cooling problem is there. Report attached.
29-04-2022 Basis the discussions between O General and Rio Airconditioning Corporation, technician from Rio Airconditioning Corporation done vacuum again and refilled that GAS. However, cooling problem persists. Grill temperature was reported at around 18 degree to 20 degree.
29-04-2022 Complain was lodged with OG with complaint number.
02-05-2022 Mr Nxxxr Axxxxm from O General visited and he had also agreed that cooling problem is there.

All checking done of indoor unit and outdoor unit. Grill temperature reported 16 degree to 20 degree. Mr Nxxr Axxxxxm agree with the cooling problem, however, he views that the cooling problem could also be because in 140 sq ft hall, a gate of 3ft is not properly closed.

It may be noted that the passage of 3ft is properly covered through high quality PVC strips. Yes, there is a gap in the left had side between wall and PVC strips of less than 0.25 (approx.) inch. However, I believe the same does not has any impact on the cooling problem. Have attached the photo of PVC Curtains used in the 3 ft passage.

He had reported that he would come with his report & way forward through email by 3rd May. However, no response was received till now.

I sincerely urge that this matter should be taken on TOP PRIORTY and be REOLVED as we are getting frustrated with daily visits of different technician and ONLY PROBLEM BEING REPORTED WITH NO SOLUTION.

I would sincerely request either this problem to be resolved asap or AC UNIT SHOULD BE REPLACED as we have effectively not used the AC even for a single day.

Kolkata 700005, West Bengal

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