Complaint regarding Online job fraud on The Resume Search

Complaint regarding Online job fraud on The Resume Search

I am a student and the financial condition of my home is not so good, so I thought if I could earn some money online it will be a help to my family, so came across a company on Linkedin THE RESUME SEARCH. They initially on their post said that this company is from Siliguri, but later I came to know that this company is from Gujarat. They told me I have to submit 600 resumes in 7 days and it’s a very easy work and they will pay me Rs.30 for each resume. They told me won’t take any registration fee but if I couldn’t complete the work or achieve 90% accuracy I have to pay 5500 portal charges with GST. So I send them my details, my photo, aadhar card. Then they gave me work. Later I realized that this work is not a part time job , one has to seat at least 15 hours a day to complete the work. But ok, as I needed money that time I started working on their website. First time I could not complete the work due to my personal problems. Then they asked for a money which surprised me. They asked for 6490/- (as portal charges) but also demanded 3200/- as agreement termination payment which is neither described in agreement or the advertisement. But I somehow managed to pay the portal charges, but argued with them that I won’t terminate my agreement and I need more work. After a long argument with the madam and their fake advocates they said they will give me next work. I thought will pay the agreement termination charges next time and stop the work because I was determined to finish the work next time. I worked very hard that time and finished it. I literally didn’t sleep for 1 night for finishing the work.

After their false Quality Checking they said my work was not 90% accurate. I totally broke down at that moment. I was in panic by thinking from where I will get this amount to pay portal charges. they were threatening me for court cases and continuously pressurizing me for the money. Then I finally told my parents, they told me it may be fraud and don’t pick up their calls or don’t reply their messages. I did so. They next day my mother threatened them as she is the M.D of a National level NGO. From that time they stopped calling me and didn’t send me any email.
I am giving the website links and the phone nos. from I got call.

I even have the whattsapp chat screenshot and call recordings if you need them.
I am attaching the screenshot of the agreement paper and the threatening emails.
I searched about the validity of the stamp paper and GSTIN No of the invoice but I came to know it’s true. I got confused , what to do . Please help me

Raniganj 713347, West Bengal

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