Complaint regarding refund of Gym membership fee

I became a member of Fitness Gym in the Ground Floor of Maruti Mountview Building in Feb 2018. The Gym opened in March 2018. I paid a one year membership fee of Rs 10,000 in which they also promised to an extensive blood test. The month of March I was busy and started using the gym only from April 2018. The second day I was asked to restrict myself to 15 minutes on the treadmill and similar restrictions was given for other machines. I am diabetic and doctor has asked me to walk atleast half an hour everyday. Even when informed of this , they told me that I was allowed only 15 minutes. In no other gym that I was a member such a restriction was prescribed. I asked them to refund the balance amount of the one year subscription after deducting the fees for one month . They refused to refund the fees and said they would not relax the conditions. I request your help in getting the refund of the fees paid adjusted prorata.
I am retired person.

Krishnan Krishnan
CBD Belapur 400614 Maharashtra

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