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Complaint regarding services from crossroads

1. I have taken breakdown assistance from crossroads in 2017. In between the term of the policy I changed my vechile and got the same updated on the customer care of crossroads on 22nd August,2017.I have mail communication. Till today I have received hundreds of call from crossroads but every time the model they retriate is of my old vechile. Even after complaining on the customer care so many times they are not updating the same. I don’t have any idea, whether in future if I need an assistance whether company simply rejects the same saying the car model doesn’t matches our data.
2. Crossroads customer care makes a mockery of the customers: On 23rd march at 11:35 am I received a call from crossroads customer care(Ms Axxxxi).She was talking about some car service but the model which she told was of my old car, I asked her to give the no. of her supervisor so that I can complain to him/her. She gave me the no. and now the drama begains when I called that no. that was picked by some lady who was also the customer of crossroads and with a anger she told me don’t call me again. Now I called the customer care(Mr. Dxxxxxp Jxxxxi) picked up the call and I complained about the lady to him. As per his words I was going to receive a call in half n hour but till today neither I received the call nor model is updated
The crossroads or its represantatives are just making mockery of customers. I even said that I will report on the consumer forum but I think they don’t have any ethics or moral values and are not afraid of any complaints
Through this forum I am hoping that my complaints will be heard and some serious action will be taken.

Nitin Malhotra
Rohini, New Delhi 110085


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    • DP Singh on 24/08/2021 at 3:13 pm

    cross road people relying on getting renewals and selling new membership only fetching money. but when it comes to deliver service they are talking rubbish this we can not do, u need to call mechanic locally, or this is major problem can not be correct etc etc lots of false statements. in fact they are not technically compatible they can not diagnose proper fault but always try to sell some thing coolant, battery, car care kit ….
    i am member more than 15+ years but now their services and quality of mechanics very low.
    renewed member ship for 5 years in feb,21 but i think i have done mistake. wont advise to anyone to go for it, u will feel cheated for sure…

    • Pikender Sharma on 16/04/2022 at 11:49 am

    I have the same encounter where they just got Rs 2500 from me without any subscription renewal or refund.

    It’s hard earned money and robbing it with false promises.

    I recommend don’t fell into the trap and stay away from this fraud company

    • Arun Soin on 30/04/2023 at 3:53 pm

    I am a very old customer of crossroads and getting the membership for PAN INDIA service. In 2019 one your customer care department cheate and took money by saying your service is renewed for further four years and issued a receipt. After that from 2020 I started getting the calls that membership is expired on explaining the they started misbehaving. Now this year one Mr. Vivek Singh called me and on just believing him I again paid for PAN INDIA service. But till date I have not received the card and sticker. On asking him about this reply I get is it will reach you shortly. Now more than two months are over I am not getting any response and your customer care people speak very rudly and misbehaves.
    2) You mobile app is also not working on enquiry everytime I get the reply it will be rectified in two to three days.
    3) In 2019 required your service to rectify the problem as I was leaving out of station. Complaint lodged at 7.30 AM and mechanic came at 11.30.AM. On enquiry I got the reply that preference is given to the customers on road and customers at home not given preference.
    All the above points clearly indicate that you people nee the money and don’t want to provide services. Your representatives lure the customers and take money but not providing services as and when required. If you people are not able to provide proper service then please refund the amount.

    • Tarun on 31/07/2023 at 8:03 pm

    Same experience, they said there are riots in my area and hence mechanic can’t visit. How came are they surviving like this?

    Any suggestions to get the money back?

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