Complaint regarding suzuki gixxer bike service

I had purchased a Gixxer GSX150 from APPLE auto agency Pvt Ltd, Bangalore on 25/10/18.
After some days I encountered problems during gear shifting. This was promptly brought to the notice of the service rep during First free service on 15/11/18. On completion of the service; I was told that the problem has been looked into. But, again after a period of some days the same problem came to haunt me. This was once again apprised to the service rep during the Second service on 20/12/18 which i insisted to endorsed in the job card but the end result was the same. This continued during third service on 28/02/19 and fourth service on 20/03/19. Every time, the process of endorsing on job card and the job not been done, continued.
At last I got tired and approached Meghavat Suzuki, Bangalore and apprised them of the problem. After checking they suggested me to change the chain spocket system and breakpad(not covered in warranty) and ensured me that they will resolve my problem. After two days they called me to collect my bike with bill charges of appx 5200. I went and checked my bike with their rep. And to my disappointment the 3rd gear problem still exists so i left my bike to service centre and approached suzuki helpline no and raised my issue?. Next they i got mail stating that the Clutch plate and pressure plates are completely burnt and they required to be replaced and that I will be charged for the same.
I am an ex service man recently retired from air force. I used my bike in bangalore only where roads are very good and i never ride my bike with pillion rider. I couldn’t understand how my chain sprocket and break pad getting worst within 08 months of my purchase. It is also not feasible that after my complain within a day how my clutch plate and pressure plate completely burnt because just one day prior sending their mail they were ready to handover my bike stating they resolved and repaired my all issues specially third gear slip problem.
As a customer, I stand to be penalised for no fault of mine. I just cannot fathom the fact that how could the clutch plate and pressure plate get completely burnt within a span of six months. Either it is due to manufacturing defect or was solely due to negligence of service staff of Apple auto agency. I believe the cause due to the latter. Time and again, during scheduled maintenance, I had approached them but they were hoodwinking me all along. In the long run, the said components were getting deteriorated day by day to the point of no return. If the service rep had done his part diligently, the problem could have been nipped in the bud and the present situation could have been avoided.
Being an erstwhile proud owner of Suzuki Fiero, I never had to encounter any such problems during the span of fifteen years. Based only on the good and fond memories, I had opted for another Suzuki bike.
Kindly, please look into the matter and take appropriate action at your end and do me a favour of replacing the parts free of charge. I am confident that I will not be let down by a company that is pioneer in customer satisfaction and the matter will be resolved at the earliest. I will be immensely obliged to you for the same.

devendrakumar ojha
Ashwath Nagar, Bangalore, karnataka, 560094

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