Complaint regarding videocon d2h connection

I got videocon d2h connection around 8 years back. After sometime around 4 years ago i got new connection with new hd set top box for new room with customer id : 131266766. I had been using these two connections separately in two diffrent rooms with different antennas and ids. Later on i asked them to merge both connections. They merged it making a mirror connection assigning customer id :131266766 for both set top boxes. Now the new connection(with hd set top box and new antenna) has been relocated to my brothers house. And i am having my old set top box with above Sl. No and old antenna. I requested them to reactivate my old customer id :3779914 with card no. 41287940476 and device no. 4112097802292526. But i have been telling that there is no device attached to customer id: 3779914 and this customer id is still in my name and active and it can be recharged but i can’t use it. They are asking me get new customer id with condition of 2 months recharge (business trick). As old customer id is in my name, i have recharged for Rs.100 just to check whether it is active. It is very much active and i got message that recharge is successfully done for that customer id. I have been told by videocon d2h supervisor Mr. Syed hussain that i cant use the amount which i recharged for 3779914. And i have to get new customer id with above condition. If i can’t use my old customer id, for what it is active and why is it still in my name? He told he will attach my old connection with customer id. When my old customer id is still active, why can’t he attach my satellite dvd connection with my old customer id?. This business trick should be eliminated i want old customer id to be reactivated or remove old customer id in my name and refund the amount of Rs. 100. with customer id. 3779914 and satellite dvd Sl.No.411209780102292526 and card no. 41287940476

Bheemappa Bandikeri
Horamavu Post, Bangalore 560043, Karnataka

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