Complaint regarding Vodafone service after MNP from Airtel

Recently i moved from airtel to vodafone. at that time vodafone come with so many promise, but thing getting worst as they activated plan then actuallt they told us while taking document detail. even if i face so network issue on first month still i paid even if thier service not working in our area. for the same i made couple of complain, and they come with resolution like it will take 3 month to resove all this issue. no i have question if internet is not working and which will take time to resolve those issue so why i should i pay for the service which i never get. for the same i had 3-4 times discussion with customer care but they are useless doing nothing. could you please do needful now they are deactivating my service.

azazahemad tai
Wakad, Pune 411057, Maharashtra

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