Complaint regarding workfromhometypinghouse

Complaint regarding workfromhometypinghouse

Fraud data entry job asking for money in the name of law. They told that they will pay Rs 85 per page and provided me with a job of completing 200 pages in 7 days. Website :

They asked to complete 200 pages within 7 days for which they promised to pay Rs 85 each page. Now my work was not completed within 7 days. So they are asking me to pay Rs 4785 as the registration fees and warned me that if I will not pay that amount to them they will send court papers and legal notices to me. It’s totally a fake company. They are calling me and telling me to pay that amount. Please take some action against this company as soon as possible. They are looting and fooling the  youngsters who genuinely wants to earn money. Please take some action against them as soon as possible.

Kolkata 700012, West Bengal

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