Complaint regarding Form Filling Fraud - Hexaware Services

Complaint regarding Form Filling Fraud – Hexaware Services

I am aware that my condition which happened is most probably common and known to all. But people like me(freshers) must be aware of these kind of traps, thus creating awareness for all freshers and old people. Please go through once without ignoring, this might help!!

I had been in a fraud in the months of February-March 21. The company name was Hexaware Services. The company promised me to work in peacefully and progressively with a legal agreement which was found as fake later. We dealt of completing a project on Form Filling under which I needed to complete 470 forms with 90% accuracy within 5 working days. As I needed a job and was quite a beginner, so I was unaware of these “bad fraud worlds” running in our country. I managed my study and work both and completed the work within 4 and half days and submitted beforeheadly. I was excited about the job and was happy too. Suddenly at the 7th day of my joining, I get a call from the QC department (their so called Quality Control) and was asked if I am eligible for getting the job payment. I was unaware of the fact that their QC mail arrived and was automatically filtered in my SPAM folder, lol.. So, I opened it and read it. It clearly stated I did not passed the criterias for my payment and for this, I need to pay the registration fee of the project which was Rs. 5.074.00. I was completely confident and sure, being a tecnical guy, that the result might be completely fake or there must be some errors. I had all rights except 1 form which I was confused about 0(zero) and o(alphabet o caps and small), so that was the only mistaken form.

Now the main thing was the attitude of the caller from there fake QC dept., they argued with me and gave threats of making legal steps and also police charge at my home address. This got me freaked out. I was only a beginner in this job sector and the first was a big scam, I realised later. I made the payment of the registration fees to the given UPI Id of theirs. After this, they said it’s okay and I can leave the company peacefully. It was a huge mess and after all, I went to get some rest.

After an hour, a call rang on my phone. The caller mentioned his name as Advocate Wxxxxxm Sxxxxh (idk if i’m mentioning correct spelling) of Gujarat district court and he got a complaint about me from the company Hexaware Services. I told him that I paid the registration fees and it brought an end to our agreement. The fake or real advocate (whoever it is) claimed he is going to make a FIR against me if I don’t show up on Gujarat court on a given date. Now this was not I was totally expecting. He also asked me to check my mail (basically SPAM folder, again lmao..) and I got a series of payments to make in the claim of violating rules of the company and cheating. They made charges of near about 30.000.00 INR for not being in the court and resolving the matter there in online mode and charged INR for offline processes of court cases. I did not understand these all and somehow, I managed to not pay anymore and not pick them up. I had all the hard proofs of them including their mails, call recordings, work screen records, screenshots and more.. At the evening, I went to Police station nearby and they envisioned me of me falling in a fraud trap. They suggested me to block them from everywhere possible likewise phone and email. I got relief and later I researched about the company and the advocate, I found that they are all fake companies with fake copied and photoshopped 100 rupee agreement and with various fraud peoples changing their identities and stuffs and company name and taking huge amount of money from the innocent hardworking people.
I get to know about them more from Youtube channels like Karl Rock, The Labour Law Advisor, Sxxxxh Mxxxxxxxa and many more….

So, anyone who fell for these fake company jobs and traps, I would request you to not get tensed, I know the situation which comes in you. Just don’t pay them and if possible be straight and waste their time by talking and talking unnecessary stuffs. Offensive words could also be used in this situations but in a limited fashion and in respectful way.
The payment made to them of 5074 rupees would be my biggest regret in my life.
Do the needfulls. Report their numbers, UPI IDs, emails and company to various anti-scam apps and services. Also, make other people aware of what and how you’ve passed through.

But, thats the thing of life. Nothing gets straight forward in life, people need to fall and face situations which might be out of their reach and knowledge but we must be truthful to ourselves and to all our loved ones and need to do the rightful for helping people


Dumdum, Kolkata 700074
West Bengal


    • Geetanjali Kagra on 10/03/2023 at 1:24 pm

    Mam I am started the same today,all the situations is same as you said. what should do now,
    Should I block them??

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