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Courier company not making refund

I am a seller from delhi of customised phone case/covers and i am serving my products all over india since a long time. I have been working with dtdc and dotzot couriier company since a long time.

On 25th of march,2017, a COD courier for amount Rs.600/-, consisting two phone covers was booked at DTDC office in teliwara, shahdra delhi-110032 (Booking ID: i3009025779) which was supposed to be delivered at 557/115, Om nagar alambagh, Luckhnow, UP-226005 to Mr. Dakksh Singh.

The packet happened to be delivered on 27nth march,2017 but while delivering the packet, the courier boy allowed Customer to open the packet without taking the payment and after the packet was opened, the customer returned the packet to courier boy and didn’t accepted the delivery. i received the call from courier boy simultaneously stating the issue and i asked courierboy and their company’s AOM of EAST UP Mr.Axxxxh Mxxxxxa that this is against the guideline of courier company service that no packet can be opened without payment done by customer. He argued to me that it is not necessary for him to follow guidelines as he is AOM of DTDC and DOTZOT. i asked him to send my packet back but he did not responded to me for more than a week. Meanwhile i contacted shahdra Branch of DTDC from where booking was done and they Emailed Mr. Axxxxh Mxxxxxxa and thereafter he sent my packet back on 7nth Aprail,2017. When i received my packet, its condition was awful and my products were broken. i asked for its refund but i was told to wait and to contact Mr. Axxxxxxh is being irresponsive to the Branch of DTDC in shahdra. after several times of trying, i finally had a word the Mr. Axxxxh Mxxxxxa on call around 2 weeks before. He argued and didnt talked properly and several times hunged up the phone. finally when i told him that i would complain about him, he asked me to send the picture and video of my product packing. i did the same and i sent him a video and a picture on 9th May,2017. He didnt responded to it and neither answered my calls till 16 may 2017. i called him from another number on 16may 2017 evening and he said that he accepts that it is not my mistake and the amount should be refunded to me but he cannot refund me because the process of refund amount is carried by branch who books the courier. i asked him to talk to the branch but he declined and again hung up the phone. till now since 25th may,2017. i have not received my refund or any compensation from any dtdc or dotzot branch or department. i want a strict action to be taken against employees who doesnt cooperate and takes undue advantage of their post.

Aman Aggarwal
Shahdra 110032, New Delhi
16/05/2017 / 5:57 pm

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