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Data connectivity issue on my airtel prepair

I have recharged my airtel prepaid mobile with 349rs in the month if jan-17 which offers unlimited calls and 1gb data per day. I am able to use unlimited calls but i am not able to use data from my mobile even though 1gb data is available and credited to my number.

I have contacted customer care at least 20 times,and visited local airtel stores 5 times till feb-17. My concern was unnoticed and the problem was not addressed .

Then i wrote mail to airtel first level team “121@airtel.In” and they opened ticket for the issue. After sometime they simply closed the ticket claiming that issue has been resolved. When i contacted them , they opened new ticket and they are not able to understand the issue and closed the ticket without any information.

Then i escalated the issue to nodal , AP office. They informed me that they escalated issue to backend team and backend team will contact me. One fine day, one service guy came to my home to check if there is any network issue. After his visit, he confirmed that there is network issue. The ticket is simply closed again saying that the issue is fixed at thier end.

Now i escalated to appallate team (mid may time) , they mentioned that they are top authority to fix the issue. I received same answers ” we will fix the issues in 48/72 hrs” and ” we escalated issue to backend team”. Surprisingly i received calls from different persons and i had to explain my issue every time. Everytime i received call from them, they mentioned that they will fix the issue in 3 days and tickets were closed automatically without my confirmation.

So far in last 4 months, i opened 5 tickets, called customer care 20 times, visited airtel care office 5 times and escalated the issue to till appallate team and the issue still open. When i told them that i will go consumer court they are ready to revert my recharge amount but i simply rejected the offer.

This is really frustrated service from airtel. I have mail conversation and proofs of this issue.

R.R.Dist, Hyderabad 500097, Telangana
20/05/2017 / 6:30 pm

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