Delay in delivery by Reliance Digital online
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Delay in delivery by Reliance Digital online

I have purchased an OTG oven from Reliance Digital online service. I was supposed recipe the product in 2-3 days but it didn’t happen and now its been two weeks no sign of delivery.

I have spent immense energy and tie to deal with their irresponsible customer care. They all giving me false hopes that it will be delivered in two three days but its the third or fourth time they are telling this lie.

I made my order on 11th Feb and it was supposed to get on 14th Feb and complained, n complained and updated to 21st Feb and today is 25th they still haven’t changed the dates in the app. and keep on telling two three days. they don’t have a specific answer for any of my questions.

More than getting my issue solved I feel ashamed about the fact I spent enormous energy to listen to their lies and hoping something should happen. I thought of cancelling the product but I am highly skeptical whether they gonna give back mymoney or not or I have to spent another valuable time to get back my money. These realince people are true thiefs now I know how they got the biggest company in the world.

I have no idea how to deal with these kinda situation hence writing here, even wrote to their customer support head and CEO. but they are no diiferent than the basic customer care executives.

If anyone who knows how to deal with this pleaseee

Sangareddy 502285, Telangana

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