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Double charge by Uber cab service

I booked under service in September 3rd from Secunderabad to chintal. i selected the card payment of 209.63.but I paid in cash ,driver also accepted, payment is successful. Then I was booked same trip in October 30 th amount of 217. But uber charged me 217 + 209.63( previous trip amount in the name of outstanding charges that I already paid). I was shocked. When I ask to uber ,they said that “last trip payment is not we charged now.” When I ask for refund they ignored. I enuired the driver ,he also gave a clarity about payment that is already done. So it is the fault of uber that charging double for one trip. So please take against uber.

Salakula Yashwanth
Adilabad, Hyderabad 504251, Telangana

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