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Double charges for toll fees by Uber

Thursday evening I took Uber cab from Banashankari 3rd stage to Art of living ashram. I came across nice road toll during that trip. Driver asked me to pay toll charges of Rs.65, I said that it is covered in fare charged to me to which he said that it is not charged and asked me to pay that in cash in order to continue this trip. I paid Rs. 65 in cash and also Rs. 68.25 was added in my fare which was paid via Paytm. I complained to Uber and they denied giving refund of the same saying that cash payments cannot be tracked so they will not be refunding the amount. I have the toll receipt as it was paid by me and the fare details wherein Uber charged toll fees. Need your help to get refund of the amount as this is clear case of cheating the consumer.

Ranjana Shukla
Banashankari, Bangalore 560085, Karnataka

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