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Employment scam in the name of bio gas plant

In october 2019, a person posted as computer operator at bdp office rai, brought a bio gas plant project to us. He gave us a survey type work in which we are asked to go each house in every village of rai block and get 1 photo of lady and her details like name address and her mobile number and enter it in the register provided by kxxxxp axxxxxxt. He then selected near about 40-50 persons each from each village of rai block and told them that they are supervisor of their village and they have to recruit 11 members under each supervisor in that village. In exchange of doing this work for him, he offered us salary package of 6500 for supervisor and 5500 for members. The work for supervisor was to recruit 11 members and the work for 11 members to get details from each house and enter it in the given register. Some of supervisors near about 30-35 had completed their work near about in 2-3 months. In between we asked kxxxp axxxxxxt for our salary but he ignored us saying that you will get it all months salary at a time jointly.

Later on he started asking for 1180 rupees money from each supervisor and asked all supervisors to get same amount of 1180 from their members also. And next when we get all money from members also then he told us that each member who payed 1180 as registration fees in his company which is registered under the name of rsk health and graan pvt. Ltd. Will have to collect same amount from 50 houses 1180 rupees from each house. When we calculated the figures it became near about 4 crores rupees he is asking us to take from houses of rai block which we refused. We refused to bring money from 32000 houses 1180 rupees from each and asked him that please give us our salary for the previous work which we have done. In reply of this he said who will bring me the money he will get his previous salary otherwise not. Its like we are forced to get 4 crores rupees from public for him. So i request you to please get in touch with us and help us to get us paid for the work which we have done. Near about 200-300 peoples are in trouble just because of kxxxxp axxxxxxxt, m. D. Of rsk health and green pvt ltd. I request you to investigate this procedure of him because this is the first time we have seen some company which is trying to take 4 crores which is a big value money from public without giving any proof. Thank you

Sachin Antil
Sonipat, haryana, 131027
Email: sxxxxxxxxxx7@gmail.com

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