Fake job offers from fraud company

Fake job offers from fraud company

A few days ago i got a job offer from a fake /fraud company known as elite international…. They told me to send a picture of mine, a signature at the end of the page and my adhar cards picture…  i did send it to them  but later i realised it was a fraud company when i searched for it online…… I did 24 forms but while completing those form i was having issues loading the page.. So i reported it to the executive…. After ignoring it for hours he did reply ro contact the helpline number which was again either  busy or unavailable…. So i told him rhat i dont want to work for a fraud company. The executive readily agreed but today i got a call from some advocate (i didnt fint any prove, wether he is a legit advocate or not) who told me that i was accused for Breaching the agreement(which i doubt is a genuine contract)….. This was followed by a messages that had court case number and fir number……. I tried to get all the information from these but the fir number was not accepted continuously.

Hrishikesh Ganguly
Kolkata 700049, West Bengal
Email: hxxxxxxxxxa@gmail.com

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