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Fake job offers from Rex Enterprise

I have been searching for jobs at home in quikr. A person Axxxxg Vxxxxa from Rex Enterprise contacted me in whatsapp. He explained about their work alone and he registered me for the work. Even in the agreement they haven’t mentioned about maintenance charges. I completed my first task but it had little more mistakes. Then a lady called me and threatened me to pay 6500 rupees. I questioned her several times .She angrily raised her voice and blackmailed me for raising questione . She also threatened me that they will file case like that. So I feared and paid 6500 rupees to them . They also sent me a No Objection Certificate with the company.Now after a week they are demanding me to pay 17,0000 rupees and threatening me. Find me some solution for my money sir .I am struggling to pay my fees for studies .At this situation they are threatening me.Can you help me in getting back my money, please?

Aruna S
Dindigul 624622, Tamil Nadu
Email: axxxxxxxxxxxx8@gmail.com

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