Faulty Petrol Meter and wrong charges for petrol

Faulty Petrol Meter and wrong charges for petrol

I went to Urmila Automobiles petrol pump at Sand Line Road,Sakchi ,Jamshedpur on 17/11/2021 for filling petrol in my Hyundai i20 car. The fuel tank of my car is 37 liters.
I asked for full tank filling and the pump boy filled the tank full and asked for paying for 42.67 liters of petrol. The meter also read 42.67 liters. I asked for a bill and I got the bill for same amount,which I am attaching as a proof. This is a clear case of meter tempering and cheating the public by the petrol pump.

Jamshedpur 831013, Jharkhand
Email: bxxxxxxxxxxxl@gmail.com

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