Fraud with typing job offer by Computer Complex

A 24 years, 7 months and 15 days old Data Outsourcing Company – Computer Complex. Which has an official website – computercomplex, states about data entry jobs related to converting paper-based books into Ebooks. I got myself registered for the same job on the 7th August as that was the last day as mentioned on the website. The registration fees mentioned then for the Data Entry Job Plan 3 was 19,800/- . I made the payment on the same day expecting for a job as mentioned by them. After making the payment they send me another email saying that my registration wasn’t complete as I yet had to pay an extra sum of ? 26,928/- (remaining ? 19,800/- + ? 7,128/- , 18% GST of 39600). I made the payment of extra sum the same day, expecting for a refund after seven days and a job as promised by them. When the refund wasn’t done after 7 days and no job at hand as promised, I repeatedly sent them emails requesting for a refund. Today I finally receive a two line email from them which says, “Refund is not there. You have to make payment to start your training.”

This website is a total fraud business. Their last day of registration keeps postponing and moreover the registration fee for Data Entry Plan 3, which earlier was ? 19,800/- has now increased to ? 25,800/-

? 39,600/- is a very big amount for me. I’ll be grateful if you could please help me get it back.

Rosy Nair
Lonavala 410 401, Maharashtra

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