Gem opticals not providing service for dental microscope

I am dentist(Root Canal Specialist) by profession. Sir, I purchased Dental Operating microscope from Gem opticals instruments industries, Ambala
Dental operating microscope is used to look into minute details of procedures like root canal treatment and many other procedures.The deal was done with person called dxxxxxxr kxxxxxxxr from GEM Opticals in the month of september. He promised all the after-sale services anytime, talking very sweetly to me. I have paid them 2,20,000 for the microscope through NEFT in three instalments. First instalment of 1,00,000 on 24th september 2018 ..second of 1,00,000 on 3/10/2018 and third of 20.000 on 22/10/1988 through abhyudaya bank ltd , panvel(i have copy of bank entry). but he didnt gave me bill telling its in processing and he will send it with his service person or will mail me. Neither he has sent me bill for the scope nor did he mailed me. There is part with microscope called mobile attachment which he didnt sent me alongwith microscope on the day of instalment. it was received by me through courier by him which was not fitting.then after a delay of 20-25 days he sent it alongwith his service person. Biggest issue is very poor quality of light of microscope, so i am not able to see anything with magnification @1x also. microscope i have purchased is with 5 step magnification which increases from 0.4 to 2.5x multiplication. the quality and clearity of light is so poor i am not able to use microscope at medium magnification as well.I told him regarding this major issue in the beginning itself,to which he told this happens with all microscope. Then i showed this issue to their service person called ajay who visited mumbai, even he agreed yes quality is very they told me they will replace light source and will solve issue for me. But till now my problem is not solved. I even spoke to main company owner, even he is not answering my call.its over 3 months now, am not able to use microscope and they didnt even gave me bill.its very huge amount for us and very hard-earned money of my dad. now what i want is he take away his microscope and give me back my paid amount alongwith compensation for my loss of not being able to use microscope for my patients, mental trauma am suffering for last few months and tarnish of my image in front of patients that being specialist , am not able to use microscope.

Shripal Oswal

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