HDFC not giving original document after loan re-payment
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HDFC not giving original document after loan re-payment

In 2018, Bank disbursed an Auto loan to me of Rs. 5 lacs having a 5-year tenure but last month I have foreclosed the amount by paying the balance amount.

Since last month, I have been continuously requesting a bank to kindly return my original Invoice as Bank confirmed to provide back post loan repayment.( Attached is evidence of such confirmation from HDFC bank).

I have 5 times logged complaint to HDFC thru a different channel to return my original Invoice but they close the same without any resolution and once they call me to say that the Original Invoice is of no use to me.

I humbly request you to please support me in this regard.

In case of any other information required, please let me know.

Faridabad 121010, Haryana

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