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HDFC sends bill despite not owning a card

I received an email from HDFC bank customer service from an email id of Axxxxn Kxxxxxe and the name provided in the emaol was Sxxxxxr Dxxxxxxxe on June 7, 2017 asking for a payment of INR 15,128. The thing is I don’t own any HDFC card. The only card I had which was returned to the bank at least four to five years back and I had asked them to discontinue it.
I tried calling customer service number and the number provided in Axxxn email many times, but they never allowed me to talk to Axxxn or Sxxxxxxr as per names provided in email.further in spite of sending numerous emails to them to connect and clarify this issue, I have never heard from them.
If the bank says I have a card since 2009, then why didn’t they approach me before ? Why wait for 8 years before sending a threatening email that my civil ratings will be downgraded if j don’t pay.

This is not accepted. Request you for your help on this please.

Vandana Raheja
Chembur, Mumbai 400074, Maharashtra

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