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Insurance company denies claim after accident

Met with an accident at New Town Rajahat. When a COW came suddenly in front, had to break immediately to save the animal.The break was loud, there was another car who hit at the back of the car damaging the rear bumper, although i was still on my brake but the impact was so hard that it caused my car to move on the right side of the road, where bamboo made barriers scratch the entire right side of the car.
Now when, the surveyor surveys, he agrees to provide the rear bumper but denies the right side scratches on the both doors, stating that any scratches that happens due to accidents falls under normal “wear & tear”. So they cannot allow it.
Sir/ Ma’am, the car is not even 6 months old, who would want his new car to give it a normal wear & tear scratch, please under that the reason the surveyor denied because the scratch has been on both right front & back door, so they know it would cost them too much that’s why they have denied it. I personally paid 33,000 for the policy, complete bumper to bumper & as per rule they are supposed to give it. But they have the denied it. Request you to please look into it.

There after thanking you.

Abir Mondal
Dakhindari Rd, Kolkata 700048, West Bengal

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