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Job company not giving my money back

I opened a account on quikr to find padt time jobs, after some days there a message came to my number saying it is a sms sending job that will give 15000 rupees per month. So I called the mentioned number then they said me that I have to give them 1000 rupees for registration in their bank account or paytm number. I didnt have a paytm account so I gave tgem the 1000 rupees from my friends paytm account and they told me to send the screen shot of the transaction. I did so. After one day they told me I have to give them 5000 rupees for security deposit of the gadgets they will provide for work. I also paid that money from my friends paytm account and send them the screen shot of transaction at their whatsapp number. After receiving the money they told me to send my identity card picture and my photo to their whatsapp number so they can make my account on their company. After that one day passed and then I called them and they said I have pay 10200 rupees again to start my work, which I told them I cant pay that money to them. So then they told me theg will return my 6000 rupees in 15 to 45 days. That was February 26th. Now the 45 days have passed I called them and they are saying that I have to pay them more 4200 rupees then they will return my 6000 with 4200 rupees which I will pay now. At the point I said why I have to pay 4200 rupees to get my 6000 back even when I didnt worked for them, but they are telling me theg will not give me my 6000 rupees if I didnt pay them the 4200 rupees.

Debanjan Mukherjee
Behala, Kolkata – 700034

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