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Missing amount in PhonePe Wallet

Few months ago I returned 3 products to e-commerce site Myntra and claim to have refunded the total amount (Rs. 2,285.76) in PhonePe mobile wallet. The amount was seen in the wallet to I thought it was okay.

Then on 15 August 2017, I was trying to order another item from Myntra and during payment the transaction failed. Post that, the PhonePe wallet is showing zero balance. Now neither PhonePe nor Myntra is accepting the blame. I checked the transaction history on PhonePe mobile app and it does not have the refund transactions which Myntra claims to have refunded few months ago.

I have tried to reach out and explain to both PhonePe and Myntra on phone, email, and twitter. But every time I get the same response that it’s not their fault and I should contact the other team.

I have attached recent conversations on twitter and PhonePe transaction history which shows that Myntra refunds are missing from it.

Robin Anuragi
Kaushambi, Ghaziabad 201010, Uttar Pradesh
Email: rxxxxxxxxxi@gmail.com


    • Surayabanu on 12/12/2021 at 5:08 pm

    I miss my amount in phone pe scratch card pl return my money.

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