Missing product from delivered package, myntra is denying return

Missing product from delivered package, myntra is denying return

I have placed an order of Tommy Hilfiger Silver toned Aria Analog watch on 11th June along with 12 other items. It is supposed to delivered in a package containing 5 items. But when we opened it there were only 4 products in the package. The package was tapped from the top. Looks like it was torn and then tapped back together.

As soon as I found that watch is missing, I have registered a complaint and called customer care. They assured me that my concern will be addressed asap.

After my several mails and calls they updated me that refund request is being denied and they closed my complaint. Then I called them again and told them the condition of received package and shared pictures with them. Then again they closed my request and denied refund saying as per them package was completely sealed. So i shared CCTV footage of unboxing of the package and tried to prove them that I am not lying.

My mother opened it, else i wouldn’t have accepted it. I am boiled up to the core as my expensive watch is missing.

I have being shopping myntra for very long time and have been their loyal customer. I have never filed unnecessary complaints. I consider myself as their regular customer and doesn’t expect this kind of a service and treatment.

I either want my refund or the product. I am giving all the proof i have. Instead of doubting me it will be really helpful if they would investigate my matter sincerely.

Clearly the mistake has happened somewhere in logistics. I hope they can do their job, because we shop from such established e-commerce platform hoping not to be looted.

I have also talked to my local office and they said no enquiry has been done in their office. Clearly myntra is just lying to me. If they are saying that package is being delivered with the item and sealed, then I wan proof of that.

I hope they value their customer and help me to either get my money or the product, else next step is consumer forum. We shop from your platform. Is that our fault? Is being your loyal customer from years my fault?
The product being shipped doesn’t qualify that the product will get delivered too ??
This is very sad to know how online customers are being treated

Khategaon 455336, Madhya Pradesh
Email: pxxxxxxxxxxx2@gmail.com


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