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Paytm cancelled wrong tickets and refused to give refund

I had booked my round trip tickets from Delhi to kol and Kol to Del on 25th august and 27 august respectively with Spicejet Airlines. Due to death in my family I had to travel early to Kolkata because of which I had to cancel my 25th August flight. I cancelled my 25th august flight directly through airlines on 21st August, they told me that I have to contact paytm for refund initiation. I did not receive any confirmation from Airlines side due to some technical problem. When I checked my paytm on 25th morning to check whether refund has been initiated or any confirmation received my flight status of 25th august still showed confirmed on paytm and thus I pressed the cancel button on my 25th august ticket. It gave me no confirmation about which date tickets are being cancelled and directed me to a page saying your ticket has been cancelled and refund initiated. After few minutes I got a mail from paytm saying your 27th August ticket has been cancelled. I was shocked as I had clearly pressed on 25th of august ticket for cancellation but not on 27th august ticket. I called paytm immediately and the guy argued that it has been cancelled from my side and that paytm sends a confirmation mail or message before cancelling your tickets.(which i never received). After sometime I recieved a mail saying your 25th august ticket has been cancelled and refund initiated. I lodged a complaint that I had never cancelled my 27th august ticket. Paytm called me back saying my both (going n returning) tickets had already been cancelled from the airlines on 21st august itself and put me on conference call with the airlines, after a long discussion it came clear that only 25th august tickets were cancelled and 27th august ticket was cancelled from paytm side on 25th of august. I had my flight in 2 days and tickets prices were soaring high and I had made a request to paytm to book my flight ticket as the mistake has been on their side. Paytm assured me by saying they will give a positive response to my complaint. I waited but there was no response. next day they called telling me to confirm that I had cancelled the 27th August tickets but I again told that I only cancelled 25th august tickets but 27th was cancelled from PAYTM side. They told me they would check from backend. And later that day I received a mail saying that I had cancelled the tickets from my side. with no further proof.I had to book my ticket again which costed me more than 8000 rs . So in total my loss was 8000+3000(earlier flight ticket) Rs. i.e. 11000Rs. Paytm has not agreed to give any further assistance over this matter.

Suman Singhani
Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201010

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