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Problem with new Infocus Epic 1 from Amazon

I had purchased Infocus Epic 1 phone through on 11/08/2017. The product was delivered on 16/08/2017. I felt problem regarding charging the phone. And as the product was in 10 days replacement warranty of so, i called them. They said for problem I had first go to Infocus company service center and tell them regarding problem and ask for Job sheet.

So, i went to the Infocus service center at Junagadh on 23/08/2017. They told there is no issue in mobile only issue is in charging cable and we will replace the same… So, i got convinced and not replaced phone through the service center person told me the cable will arranged within week time.

Now actual problem start…As after one week Amazon replacement warranty expires..And i called local service center after week, they tell your cable not reached us from company..

So, i called Infocus company service center toll free no. They tell we will arranged your part by 05/09/17.
Than on 05/09/17 they promised for 10/09/2017. Than for 15/09/2017. Than 25/09/2017. And now they tell we will provide by 05/10/2017..So, i fill sense of cheating and gone through harassment as well till date problem is not resolved.. and as well I fill my mobile battery or charging socket will damaged due to defective charging cable…
So, i demand for early resolving of my problem , and demand extension of warranty of 6 months for the battery and mobile due to probable damage. As well I demand for cash reimbursement as a penalty to the company for there poor service standards…

So, please look after this matter, and do some necessary to help me.

Ammar Vanank
Junagadh 362001, Gujarat

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