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Problems caused by delayed departure of Spicejet flight

My flight was supposed to depart from 12:05-14:15. But on 22nd September they sent me a revised departure time that is one hour late from 13:10-15:15. the problem is I had booked a train ticket which departs from NDLS at 16:15. the original flight timings gave me 2 hours to reach from airport to railway station but the revised flight timings reduces the time for an hour which makes it impossible for me to catch my train. if this is the thing I have to cancel my I train as well as flight because my whole journey will be of no value. I told them to either refund me the full amount excluding the booking charges or rebook my flight to another da. they are not ready to do either of it. It is very harsh and rigid on customers.

Siliguri 734004, West Bengal

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