Reg Defective Acer Laptop Provided by Flipkart

Reg Defective Acer Laptop Provided by Flipkart

I have purchased three Acer laptop from Flipkart on 16/09/2020. Within a month, the hinges of a laptop started to weaken and get very loose. We contact the service center and lodge a complain. On 12/10/2020 engineer has came and but they refuse to service while it is under warranty. As per their suggestion it is physical damage, but we have not damaged the laptop. Then After three month we get the same problem from the second laptop, again no damage has been caused by us. Then after couple of Month we get the same problem with third laptop. If it is a physical damage, then the three laptops should not be the same problem. It is clear it is a manufacturing defect of this product. Then we send mail several time to Acer customer care but only replied to say it is user damage.  It was still under warranty while complained by us. But so far no solution has been provided by Acer

Samrat Goswami
Jatindra Mohan Avenue, Kolkata

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