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Regarding AMC service from AO Smith

This is to inform you that i made a AMC service with AO Smith India Ltd. for my water heater on 17/06/2017 for 2 years. I have already spoken to customer care regarding my service. But now they are saying that after 6 months contract will be activate and service will provide. But now 6 month is over but no service had been provided. I again contacted customer care and now they said that they will not provide and maintenance service unless water heater is not functioning. But the time of taking AMC it was promised one free service every year will provide for cleaning and checking. Moreover, I would like to mention that water heater is taking more time for heating the water than earlier and as a result its consuming more electricity. And also very much concerned about the noise coming out from the water heater. I have already communicated that if some accident happens, the AO Smith will be responsible for ignorance of service.

Dipankar Mukherjee
Diamond City North, Kolkta 700028, West Bengal

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