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Regarding charges & Credit Card Bills from Indusind Bank

I would like to inform you that, though I’m being a loyal customer of IndusInd Bank for a long time, the bank is not reciprocating  the same behaviour. I’m using IndusInd Bank Credit Card for last 3 years and due to my on-time payment in every month, the bank increases my credit limit multiple times. Now suddenly, in this month the bank has shared a credit card bill of 55K which is completely absurd. When asked for the statement they didn’t share the same at first, after mailing them multiple times I got my card statement and there I found that they have mentioned INR. 41,369.99 as Other Charges, which is completely absurd for me. If you see my last 4 months card statement (attached), you will also see that this amount has popped-up out of the blue.! (bank is only letting me download last 4 months statement, not prior to that timeline)
Also they have suddenly changed my Credit Card without prior intimation. Hence they are not letting me download my earlier card statements.
My next card payment date is – 28th November, 2020. Please help to resolve this issue before this timeline otherwise bank will put some extra changes as late payment fee.
Amit Kumar
Ramlal Agarwala Lane. Kolkata – 700050

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