Regarding failed transaction through Google pay and BHIM UPI

I visited Domibivali East MacDonald in Dombivali and palced the  order the amount was 260 n open google pay for sacn thier QR code for payment… But when i scan thir QR code n paid amount… Their machine gave recipt that transaction is failed but… I got mst from google pay n alos from the bank that 260 rs was deducted.. Then macd wroker saide rhat thier some net work problem so i use BHIM UPI pay… N try 2 time.. But agin same i got 2 msg of transactions from BHIM UPi that payment is done but thier machine said that transaction is failed…so instead of 260 rs i got deduction of 780rs from mamy Google pay and BHIM UPI contacted Bank account…so whrn i told the manager he told me that u will get refund from 7 days..but now 20 days past no refund

Vipul Mahale
Mumbai 421201, Maharashtra

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Beware of making UPI payments to individual. Always use bank transfer or card payments for big amount transctions.

Beware of fake data entry, form filling and captcha filling jobs. Do not make any payement.

Beware of times4job, eshopokart portals

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