Regarding internal Manufacturing fault of Baleno zeta 2019 model

Regarding internal Manufacturing fault of Baleno zeta 2019 model

I am  owner of your one of the successful model of *baleno zeta petrol*

As below I shared my necessary detail.

Date of purchase : 8-oct-2019

I found some issue in my car and it’s happen 2 times in express highway.
Major issue :
1) on the express highway, approx speed is 70kmph and that time my car has been stopped without any reason. And this incident happen on the middle of highway… And after the 30-40 min car start again.

2) ones again this incident takes a place recently. Both time it’s happen on long distance tour.

Who is responsible for this incident ? If any think goes wrong with me then who is responsible ?

For this issue I will go for workshop at *Kiran motor b/h kargil petrol pump*  and  the workshop men tell us this is issue of *fuel pump* we can’t replace it and cant help regarding fuel pump parts.  Till date my car is running only 7000+ km…

At this normal km of running how can be fuel pump will damage ? What is the reason for damage of fuel pump ?
Further I researching according my car problem … Then I should read one news regarding baleno zeta model…as below I also share a link of news.. .The news is  that.. many baleno has some issue of fuel pump and company will recall all those model and change this part without any cost.

After the checking of my chassis number I am getting that I am not eligible for this kind of part replacement.
And main things is that now I am suffered from this issue(fuel pump). Company change many of fuel pump in car then why my chassis number is not comes out in as a defective model ?
And now I am suffered from your fuel pump issue. what should i do!? Why I am not eligible for this ?

Now recently only for checking the car’s problem I paid 885 rs.
If my problem will not solve or not give me the proper justice regarding fuel pump then also complain against maruti in consumer forum..

I hope you will help me out from this situation and please give me feedback as soon as  possible fast.

As above the mail is forwarded Many times to . after the 3-4 days executive will call us but not  i am not satisfied and agree with him. so i contact consumer forum for proper guidance.
Kindly help me and show me right path.

Khokhara circle 380001, Gujarat

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