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Regarding network issues in new Coolpad Note 5

I bought a brand new Coolpad note 5 ( model – coolpad 3600I) from Amazon India on 26th April, 2017

From the very start of using the phone it started not working properly. The problem with the phone is the call used to disconnect on every incoming and outgoing call. Issue of call dropping.

Initially I thought it is a network problem, so i had a word with network provider i.e. airtel, they advised to change the sim card, I inserted the new sim card, but the issue still not resolved. Then I had a word with coolpad customer care, they informed that this is a call dropping problem, which is usually in coolpad note 5 mobile, and advised me to go service centre. I had been to borivali coolpad service center. They said software needs to be done and then it will work well, but after coming home the problem is still there and issue is still not resolved.
Again knocked the door of the same service centre, but this time they asking me to keep mobile with them for 15 to 20 days. This is not at all acceptable, why should I keep my brand new mobile with them for this much time. Why you people don’t test the phone before you sell. What I use in this days.. if I need to use the phone then need to take one more new mobile to use those 15-20 days which I don’t find feasible. I am not ready to keep my mobile for such a long time nor I want it to get it repaired. It got repaired once why again and again repairing for brand new phone.

I am writing to you complaining about this problem and requesting you an address to send the damaged phone to. Also, I will be waiting for a new mobile phone which you will send to me for replacement of the damaged one or refund me the entire money and you can keep this mobile with you. Or else I will go to consumer forum for this.
To prove that it is still in warranty time, provided by law, I send attached to this letter a copy of the receipt.
I know that you understand my position and hope you handle this situation with care. I will be waiting for an answer from you soon.

jignesh solanki
Dahusar west, Mumbai 400068, Maharashtra

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