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Regarding poor warranty service from Croma

After Knocking on so many doors I have finally come to you guys to help me in this very difficult situation created in my life by Croma. The most painful experience I have ever had in electronics buying. These people from Croma when you go to their store to buy anything … they trick you into buying extended warranty on their products and a customer like me feels good when he hears that there are people who will take care of this product.

So my AC stopped working and I called these guys one month ago that I want my AC to get fixed its not working anymore and I bought an extended warranty from you guys. I heard no reply from them for like almost 6 days and when I called the customer care they were very lazy and lethargic and response. After few days I called them again and they again took my address and my phone number from me. I am tired of calling them on repeatation and giving my addresses and numbers again and again. It happened 3 to 4 times they can’t even save my address and my number in there data system I don’t know why they take it from me everytime I call them.

Later they made an excuse by saying that it is 2nd of October so we are on a holiday our repair guy will come soon so then again I waited for 4 days and then I filed complaint on their Facebook page and I sent a mail. Even after that these guys never took any action. These guys are so shameless so shameless that they made me and my complain into a joke. they mocked me in front of my family when my family keep asking me when this AC is going to get fixed. They ruined my Diwali and obviously they celebrated very happily after stealing my money for that warranty thing.

These guys have left me no choice but only seek help from a small time electrician who will come and fix my AC in a single day. if these guys had little bit of shame in their character they would have helped me but sadly one thing I have decided I am never going to buy any Croma product.

They call you once in the morning around 9:30 and they give an excuse that you are not available. I can call them 50 times a day like a stupid idiot and they won’t even call you twice.

Hitesh Sharma
Bhayender East, Mumbai 401105, Maharashtra

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