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Beware of making UPI payments to strangers. Always transfer money to bank account after due diligence.

Fraud sales by Vector e commerce through whatsapp messages

I ordered 64 sarees and 2 kurthis from “Vector E Commerce”on 12th October 2017. One lady named “Kxxxxl”was interacting with me through WhatsApp messages. Following her Whatsapp messages and calls on the previous day, I selected the sarees available on their site “ï” as directed by that lady “Kxxxxl”. That was the name claimed by her. It may be fake also. Then I sent her all the saree pictures to the mail-id “indigomartcollections[@]”. She even advised some changes and I did that and sent 2 more mails.
Then she sent me her account details as follows from her mobile number 8xxxxxxx2

Following this she told me to transfer total of Rs. 55,250. I transferred Rs. 5250 first and on her confirmation I wanted transferred Rs. 50000. But she sent Whatsapp message saying “Transfer Rs. 49500 to avoid tax”. Eventhough I was wondering about this message, I still went ahead and transferred Rs. 49500.

She sent message on receipt of money transfer Then she didn’t pick call for long time neither answered my messgaes. Suddenly in the evening she called me and told me that she would be shipping that day (12th October 2017) itself. Next day morning promptly she sent courier details DTDC number “D37343066”. After that she never picked my calls nor responded to any of my messages.

Through the DTDC tracking I came to know that the box weighed less than 8 Kg. I was wondering how 60+ sarees and 2 kurthis can weigh less than 8 Kg. Finally, I received the small parcel yesterday (23rd Oct 2017) and I was in pathetic state seeing those 10 pieeces of worst quality salwar materials not even worth Rs. 500/- each. After that I have sent so many messages and trying to call her from different numbers but she’s very clever and not taking calls. Even though she comes online, she doesn’t receive any calls or see my messages. I sent whatsapp message from different number which she read promptly then blocked that number.

I noticed that material is shipped from the following address which also could be fake Sepoy Bazar, Midnapore – 721101

I have attached the parcel pictures for reference. I’m planning to call the bank today for checking the possibility of blocking my due amount from her account. I have all the 10 salwar materials with me ready to return along with packing. This can even be verified with DTDC.
I have understood from the forum that many more complaints are also given to the consumer forum on this Vector e commerce. But I don’t know the results. My humble request to the honorable consumer forum is to take immediate action on this fraud lady and seize all her bank accounts and stop her from doing any further business.
I request you to kindly take immediate action and get my money returned as I have lots of immediate personal commitments.

Anuradha V
KH Road (Double Road), Bangalore 560027, Karnataka

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