Regarding quality of whey protein powder pack from
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Regarding quality of whey protein powder pack from

I ordered myprotein chocolate smooth 2.5kg impact whey protein powder pack from on 13th Feb, 2023. It got delivered to me on 18th Feb, 2023.
I opened the packet for the first time on 19th Feb, 2023. Thereafter, i took a scoop, put it in my shaker with water and started shaking. I observed a lot of foam being generated which was not the case when i had consumed the same flavour from the same brand for a month. I then noticed small black/brown particles floating in the mixture and starting to settle down once i stopped mixing. Ignoring all of this, i took a sip and found the taste to be bitter. That’s when i knew there’s something wrong with the protein.

I then opened the packet again took out some protein powder in a white plate and i could see tiny black particles within the protein powder.

I contacted and at the same time i contacted myprotein website as well. is still sending back and forth mails to me but haven’t done anything so far. I do not seek their authentication as the product is clearly bad and doesn’t seem fir for consumption.

Myprotein simply said that since the product hasn’t been ordered from their website, it isn’t their responsibility so they did not authenticate the product.

I am stuck in between now with my time and money lost. I seek a full refund from for wasting my time and sending me a bad product.

Bainguinim, Goa 403110

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