Regarding Samsung Smart TV panel damage

I am writing this for public to know how Samsung deal customer complaint. I purchased Samsung smart TV in August 2017 from Indore . It’s Pannel damaged with in one month I raised complaint to Samsung after long discussion they chnged Pannel, same time I insisted them to check mother board their tech was so reluctant and confirmed it’s Pannell issue , ok then chnged Pannel . Exactly after six months Pannell again damaged skae issue . I contacted Samsung they said will find replacement solution . Finally i got call from Samsung Indore while asking me to send my original bill for TV replacement as they got request from corporate office . By evenig same person e contacted me and said I must contact to Indore area sales manager and they can’t replace TV they can only replace Pannel . And it’s the third Pannell with in one year thy want to fix on my TV .I resisted , any lay person can understand it’s the issue with mother board Samsung don’t even ready to inspect or check the root cause . Thy simply give option taht it’s under warranty period so they can change Pannell . After two months automatically warranty get expired and customer must pay for Pannel . Moreover what’s the quality of the product as well service.
Here Again Samsung very happy to chnge Pannel by knowing the frequent damage of Pannel is happening becse of mother’ board issue, some where there is electricall interference which makes the Pannel heating up and getting damaged so frequently .
My doubt is taht why I have to suffer because of the manufacturing fault of the product . Her public before you buy Samsung TV think twice .I know I can deal this issue with only consumer court but still I feel it’s ok to know every one and this company should not come with such low quality product .

Jaison John
Indore 502010, Madhya Pradesh

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