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Regarding scams in the name of form filling jobs

I here by in eyes of justice feel capable and secure of raising my voice against the fraud and mental harassment that “Glob Sol” company done to me. This incidence occurred nearly in beginning days of february,2019. when being a student of 13th. I am trying to search jobs partimelly on internet using websites such as Quickr, etc. And after that many companies approaches to me but everytime they are telling me some amount registration fee to do work with them in data entry jobs and as being a single parent child. I am uncapable of just think about to tell my mom about such a matter as I wish to reduce pressure over their shoulders and not to burden them more. After that approx. 6-7 days an agent called me by name “pxxxxa jxxxxxl” from “Glob Sol (Finiston Optrica Technology)” company for offering job on data entry work at home. in which they told me that our company will provide you some work and for my hardship for completing their work. they will going to pay me. but after I had given them my address proof. they immediately mailed me their agreement copy with verification call simultaneously in which they mentioned me to do 900 off 1000 forums which I have to submit in 10 days and if I am unable to submit i have to pay company Rs 5200/-. also as I had signed with them for free if I am eligible for payment company will deduct Rs 5200/- as registration fees. And if I regret to pay that amount company will take my case legally in court. which is most terrifying offer I had ever got so after that I never signed in with their company to do their provided work and also send their agent mail that i am not interested to do work with them with such conditions. After 10 days of that incidence I get call from their advocate “sxxxxxxy pxxxl” that they are going take my case legally in court. as their company provided me work and I uncomplete their work in given time or If I want to close this case here only with them I need to give them Rs 7550/-.
Now after this all I have no way to spoke against violence except among the eyes of justice. Sir, I donot have any personal problem with their company but with this sorts of actions that firstly not mentioning about details of any additional registration fee for their job, not even replied to me or answered me as after I replied them that I am not interesting to work with them as there are many problems of mine which restricting me to work with them.
So here I am enclosing my complaint in eyes of justice that I am captured in a scam by this company and only you can have all powers and rights to true impartial justice with me.

Pratham Kapania
Phagwara 144401, Punjab

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